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Arcaide is the project based in France since 2001, of the composer Benjamin CECILIO, producer of electronic music and multi instrumentalist.
Arcaide is a solo project but he collaborates regularly with other artists especially for the live performances and various cut-up of sounds improvisations.
Arcaide is a strange experience of building atmospheric Dark cinematic landscapes, influenced mainly by fantasy literature, surrealism, dadaism and the strange sides of spirituality.
Arcaide's music is like a magical journey progressing between melody, dissonance and bruitism, exploring the dark sides as luminous beyond sensory experience.

In 2016, arcaide joins the  New Leaders of the Eldritch Cult label

In 2015 Arcaide, like the phoenix has come to birth again from its ashes, is back with a new 4 hours audiovisual production to come.

Meanwhile, he has contributed to the creation of  Krearts (a collective project) and three industrial inspiration bands (Razor Head, Difoss and Jet Set Willy) as a song writer, singer and multi instrumentalist.

In 2008 : release of the album Cyclic sound from the form Divine Comedy Records the famous industrial french label.

In 2006, the third album "Opus Mort" showed obvious cinematographic tendencies. This release was the outcome of a long experimentation resolutely looking forward into weird sonorous landscapes.

In 2003, Arcaïde unleashed his second full lenght entitled "Probably Problematic". 15 tracks based on electro and industrial but slowly turning to abstraction. Arcaïde grew, keeping the abyssal colors and heavy harmonies that make his particularity.


"Chaos of Sigma" -Arcaïde 1st album- saw the light in 2001 on Colddrone a label distributed by Adipocere Records quickly followed by the creation of the collective Zero Corp, with ten local bands clustered around dark and noisy experiments. This cooperation gave birth to Synocaïde, a crossover project (including Arcaïde). 

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